tirsdag den 28. april 2009

Cha Cha Cha Changes.......

Been extremely busy!!

Just changed jobs.. and I have been working my ass off!!

Went to Hong Kong to start a collection for a brand new danish label earlier this month...

But now things are a bit more organised... And I have had some time to re-design my shoes and I'm going to Manchester tomorrow :)


onsdag den 4. marts 2009

Just came back from Copenhagen and Iceland....

I went to Copenhagen on monday last week for work..
Then I went to Iceland last thursday and came back yesterday,
this is me at the airport, drinking coffee and talking on the phone!!! ..something I rarely do ;) heheheheeh.... uhumm..
..wearing a vintage jacket, Red Issue striped shirt and Red Issue orange/brown chinos
I will try to post some pics soon :)

fredag den 20. februar 2009

W Mag...

Don't you just looove the editorials in the new W magazine??
Daisy, the daughter of Pearl Lowe and Gavin Rossdale, appears alongside Peaches Geldof in the Law And Order themed photoshoot

And also miss Madonna as fooxy as ever!!!

Have a sexy weekend honeys..!!!

torsdag den 19. februar 2009

Purple Masturbation!

I'm working hard on my portfolio and C.V. these days....
well hard is maybe a bit extreme... I'm just working on it a bit!!

So after the last Red Issue Photoshoot, Ingibjörg took some pictures of me (see above) that I'm going to use on my C.V.
Ingibjörg is my favourite photographer and best friend!! She is really talented and today it is her birthday :)
wiiee! Big birthday actually, she turns 25!! So she is celebrating the last days of youth.....
We work really well together and have formed a bit of a photo/stylist/design Cooperation called Purple Masturbation


You should check out her Flickr and see all her cool pics...
..there is something wrong with the link itself! please notice the _ after Isabella!! ...it should be isabella_ in the end...

Hidden Goods

Hrafnhildur is a fashion designer born (1979) and raised in Reykjavík.
She graduated from the Icelandic Academy of Art in 2004 and has since then designed for various scenes and artists such as advertisements,theatre and designed clothing for several musicians such as GusGus and Ólöf Arnalds.

in 2008 she established the super cool bag label Hidden Goods

I think actually that the bags are a part of her final project for school, I absolutely adore them!!! I love the circled form and the bow on the shoulder!!

And Therefore I'm planning on buying me the biggest one in black or grey and promote fellow icelanders everywhere I go :)

"Veiling the old in the new, inspired by circus life of the nineteenth century and its mysticism, the Hidden Goods handbags are launched in 2008.

Capturing the felt and known of the hidden, bringing the sense of the dark details of history into our being, enhancing the mystical in our sphere, making different cultures meet in a dance.

Hrafnhildur Guðrúnardóttir captures the old in the new. She brings the distant closer to the senses with a romantic emotion and gusto. Warm light and life. The unfolding satisfaction of remembering the past through certain materials and specific details. Hrafnhildur is inspired by historical and cultural references. Dressing is diving into the experience. It is being a part of a whole."

you can buy the bags and some others super cool Icelandic designs online


I will keep you updated on my dream bag :)

tirsdag den 17. februar 2009

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2009

  • me and M...

me wearing a Red Issue wool jacket and M. wearing his cool SUIT jacket, posing with my favourite necklace that the bf. gave me when he came from New York last september

  • me posing with my fab necklace
wearing my Ray Bans, the necklace is bought at Beacons Closet, my favourite thrift store in Brooklyn!!
  • me wearing...
Blazer from Top Shop
Sheersucker shirt from Red Issue (fall 2009)
my raven necklace from Nikita
DIY ring... wich is actually just a plastic button glued on a ring
nailpolish I bought in Tokyo, it is from Anna Sui and i smells great! ...it is perfumed :)
poor outfit post, I know...
This is all I had, at the moment ;)


Sadly!! I do not actually afford Chloé boots.....

Luckily!! We have Topshop!! (zara and asos pull it off as well)....so for those of us that can't afford the dream shoes yet, check these out:

....you can always add some studs, rivets or new buckles on your shoes, to make them look even cooler! and more personal (or more like copy's of the real thing..)


the first pic is just some of my topshop cravings for spring... like??

...I know the Emma Cook shoes from Topshop... aren't exactly like the Tall Chloé Boots.... but similar!
I juuuust loove them (both the ones from topshop and the chloé's...) Sooo... if anybody is selling their Chloé Boots let me know :)

Anyway.... be expecting a DIY shoe alteration from me soon...

Winter... bbrrr....

It is extremely cold here in Denmark this week!! ...and I'm extremely busy with work....

....which makes it a bit difficult to choose an exciting, bold outfit when you wake up (early) to go to work every morning!!
..it is just not that inspiring.....

Especially when you know that you are just going to sit infront of the computer the whole day....zzzzzz

...AND FREEZE (your butt of).....!!!!
..and I love my shoes too much to ruin them in the salty, dirty rain/snow!!
so every day I wear something black, something knitted, something warm, something around my neck, my warm leather vintage boots and ofcourse.....
MY MERINO tank top!!! ..and some japanese warm patches

I'm tired of living in cold Scandinavia.....

Everybody expects that if you are from ICEland, you should be able to cope with the cold......
but in Iceland everybody has WARM houses, WARM cars og WARM water aaaalll the time!

..here I have an extremely COLD apartment, a bike and the flu..!!

So..! time for detox, warm japanese green tea and some warm clothes!!!

mandag den 16. februar 2009

Am I a Fashion Blogger?

I'm all new at this fashion blogging....
I've done it a bit in Icelandic, but nothing serious...
I’m a real fashion blog addict though, and now I’ve been challenged to try for myself!!

I don’t really know where to start, I feel I have too much or too little to say!

Silly I know!

…I guess I will mainly focus on myself, my work, my shoe fetish, my inspiration, trends, beautiful things…. Things I find interesting….

Until I figure out what I mean by this little project of mine, I would like to share these beautiful pictures with you, shot by Testino for the Jil Sander Campaign…

Nothing new.. just something beautiful and really really inspiring!!! Don’t you love the lighting and the shadows??
I think I should start wearing flowers in my ears……….